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In March of 2019 the Government of Saskatchewan announced a number of changes to fees and charges paid by Saskatchewan residents and businesses as part of the 2019-20 budget. These changes included an increase to the source specific rates charged for industrial water use. The changes also included the adoption of a single flat rate fee for temporary water rights licences issued for industrial purposes.

The regulatory amendments to The Water Security Agency Regulations came into force on February 28, 2020; however, to better align with the start of the new fiscal year WSA will begin applying the revised fees April 1, 2020.

A single flat rate of $17.70 per 1,000 cubic metres will now be applied to all temporary industrial water rights licences.

You can now pay and apply online for one service:

Temporary Water Right Licenses

A Temporary Water Rights Licence grants permission to use a specific volume of water for short-term use. We hope that the online application process will be more convenient for you, reduce business costs and help us give you faster decisions on water availability.

When you apply for a Temporary Water Rights Licence, we can provide you an automatic assessment that considers the water demand and the water source. This evaluation will either issue you an approval immediately or, if the proposed water source requires an assessment, refer your application to the appropriate regional office for further review.

Approval to Construct and Operate Drainage Works

Our process has changed, and you can no longer submit drainage applications through this portal.

If you are currently working with a WSA Tech on this drainage project, we ask that you please email the drainage application to them. If you are a new QP or you are submitting a new drainage project, we ask that you please send us the application via email with "Drainage Application" as the subject line to AgWaterManagement@wsask.ca

If you have questions about drainage, or would like information about Qualified Persons to assist you, please contact our local Regional Office.

Movins services online is part of our Public Service Renewal, improving our service to clients while simplifying processes and lowering costs for you.

The Water Security Agency is a unique organization in Canada - bringing together all of government's core water management responsibilities in one place. We manage the province's water supply, protect water quality, ensure safe drinking water and treatment of wastewater, own and manage 49 dams and related water supply channels, reduce flood and drought damage, protect aquatic habitat and provide information about water. The Water Security Agency also represents Saskatchewan on transboundary water issues.